The Equitop Bolesworth Young Horse Championship, August 2019

Set in the grounds of Bolesworth Castle coverage for GPRS card Terminals (Including Roaming Terminals) is patchy, despite having a temporary Mast for some mobile networks.

If you plan on taking Card Transactions then you are going to need a facility that connects to the internet. Either a WiFi Terminal, Cabled Broadband or Izettle / Paypal here.

We can provide you with a Wireless Connection that can be used with devices such as PayPal Here or Izettle. The connection is limited to 1mbps but will be robust enough to support your payments.

This is a Pre-Booking Service Only!

Internet Only Service...
  • 1mbps Connection
  • Coverage on your Stand
  • The Charge is 40 +VAT per location
  • Card Terminal Hire...

    The charge is 120 Excluding VAT per pitch, you will receive a Bluetooth Enabled card terminal from Wireless Terminal Solutions. We will connect this to our network onsite so you are guaranteed a connection.

    You will need an existing Merchant Account, if you don't have one then give Wireless Terminal Solutions a Call and they will be able to arrange one for you. You will also need to pay a 250 deposit directly to Wireless Terminal Solutions, which will be refundable upon return of the equipment (un-damaged).

    Upon completion of your order, we will send a lengthier document for your terminal requirements.

    Pay Online